CNA, Medication Aide, Phlebotomy & CPR Classes

CNA & Medication Aide CLASS Start dates: Call 682-626-5266!

Day Medication Aide Class Starts 9/24/19

A day medication aide class starts 9/24 with a graduation date of 11/14/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

Night Medication Aide Class Starts 9/24/19

A night medication aide class starts 9/24 with a graduation date of 11/14/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

11-Day CNA Class Starts 9/24/19

A  day CNA class starts 9/24 with a graduation date of 10/4/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

Personal Care Assistant Class Starts 9/24/19

A  very affordable personal care assistant class starts 9/24. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

11-Day CNA Class Starts 10/7/19

A  day CNA class starts 10/7 with a graduation date of 10/18/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

11-Night CNA Class Starts 10/7/19

A  night CNA class starts 10/7 with a graduation date of 10/18/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

Fall cna, Med Aide & Phlebotomy Classes: call 682-626-5266

Phlebotomy Class Starts 10/19/19

A  phlebotomy technician training program starts 10/19 with a graduation date of 11/10/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

11-Day CNA Class Starts 10/28/19

A  day CNA class starts 10/28 with a graduation date of 11/8/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

11-Night CNA Class Starts 10/28/19

A  night CNA class starts 10/28 with a graduation date of 11/8/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

11-Day CNA Class Starts 11/11/19

A  CNA class starts 11/11 with a graduation date of 11/22/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

Medication Aide Class Starts 11/19/19

A  medication aide class starts 11/19 with a graduation date of 1/16/20. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

Phlebotomy Class Starts 11/15/19

A  phlebotomy technician training program starts 11/15 with a graduation date of 12/7/19. Call (682)626-5266 to reserve your seat.

one-stop shop: CPR classes, CNA & Medication AidE Renewals

Legacy Healthcare Careers is your one-stop shop for CPR classes as well as C.E. inservice refresher courses (renewals) for CNA and medication aide.  

Call 682.626.5266 for more info on CPR BLS courses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Legacy Healthcare Careers has affordable CPR classes that lead to 2-year CPR certification from the American Heart Association (AHA). 

We also come to healthcare facilities and group homes to train staff on CPR and basic life support (BLS). Ask about group discounts. 

Video: Legacy Healthcare careers nursing assistant school

We offer 2-week CNA programs and 2-month medication aide classes near Fort Worth, Haltom City and Saginaw.  

We offer day and night classes. Call (682)626-5266 to enroll. The RN instructors at Legacy Healthcare Careers can help jump-start your legacy. We love seeing students in class.

We can assist you to achieve your nurse aide and medication aide career goals.

CNA, Medication Aide & Phlebotomy classes are Here!


Why Should I Enroll at Legacy Healthcare Careers?

Legacy Healthcare Careers offers affordable certified nursing assistant training programs, medication aide classes and a phlebotomy technician program. Call (682)626.5266 to enroll.

There's an 11-Day CNA Program? Did I Read That Correctly?

Yes! As long as you are willing to devote 1 and a half weeks, the caring instructors at Legacy Healthcare Careers can help change your life and career in as little as 11 days. Call (682)313-6404 to enroll.

Where Is Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA School Located?

Legacy Healthcare Careers is in the Mid Cities / HEB area, directly between Fort Worth and Dallas at 7505 Glenview Drive, Suite I, Richland Hills, Texas, 76180. We offer CNA programs, CPR classes and medication aide classes.

Why Else Should I Attend Legacy Healthcare Careers?

The caring staff at Legacy Healthcare Careers offers lifetime job placement assistance upon graduation. Legacy Healthcare Careers also offers a medication aide program and phlebotomy classes.

I Want to Know More About the 11-Day CNA Program!

Students go to school for 11 days. The 11-day nurse aide course consists of 8 long days in the classroom and 3 long days of clinical practicum externship at a local healthcare center.

Is This School Legitimate?

The nurse aide programs are accredited by the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). Legacy Healthcare Careers is approved to operate via the Career Schools and Colleges division of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) in Austin, Texas.

Legacy Healthcare Careers: Medical Courses to Meet All Needs

Nurse Aide (CNA) Program


Legacy Healthcare Careers' 100-hour CNA program trains students in basic nursing skills like vital sign collection, personal care, activities of daily living, charting, and reporting of changes in condition. Graduates are eligible to become Certified Nursing Assistants. Call 682.626.5266 to enroll.

Medication Aide Program


Legacy Healthcare Careers' 140-hour Medication Aide Program prepares pupils to become certified medication aides who administer medications to clients at skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities and personal care group homes. Call 682.626.5266 to enroll.

Phlebotomy Technician Program


Legacy Healthcare Careers' 60-hour Phlebotomy Technician Program prepares trainees to become phlebotomists who perform venipuncture, draw blood, obtain specimens using micro collection techniques, and follow precautions with bodily fluid handling. Call 682.626.5266 to enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About CNA Schools /Careers

What is a certified nursing assistant (CNA)?


A nursing assistant, also known as a 'nurses aide' or 'patient care assistant,' is a healthcare worker who delivers direct care to patients, clients and residents in settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, hospices and clinics under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

What duties do CNAs usually do on the job?


Normal CNA duties include vital sign collection, obtaining supplies for procedures, bathing, feeding, grooming, assisting with elimination, prepping rooms for new admissions, transfers, bed-making, re-positioning, showering, toileting, speaking to patients, and reporting changes in condition.

Are CNAs in demand? How much money can I earn?


CNAs are in demand. CNAs are crucial to the healthcare field. Job growth for nursing assistants is expected to climb by 11 percent through 2026, faster than average for all jobs per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018). Many CNAs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area earn between $11 and $18/hourly.

How much does Legacy's nursing assistant training program cost?


Tuition for medication aide classes, phlebotomy training and CNA programs is affordable (less than $900). We offer flexible payment plans with $200 to start and no credit checks. Graduation from these program will be an investment in your future due to job security.

How do I enroll at Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA Class?


You must be 18 years old, or age 16 with parents' consent. You need valid photo ID, a social security card, ability to pass a background check, and a negative TB skin test result or chest xray. You don't need a high school diploma or GED. If you have these things, schedule a time to enroll!

How long is the nursing assistant training program at Legacy?


Legacy Healthcare Careers offers a 7-day CNA class and a 2-week CNA class. Call (682)626-5266 for more information. Some hours are spent in class while the rest of the time is spent in clinical practicum. In most cases you keep your job while training for a new healthcare career as a CNA!

Learn More About Legacy's Nursing Assistant Training Program

Training in Multiple Phases


The first training phase occurs in the classroom where students receive basic care instruction. The second phase happens in a clinical setting where students practice skills on real patients and residents at a Dallas-Fort Worth area facility.

Training That's Fast-Track


Nursing assistants, also known as nurses aides and patient care assistants, give patient care and observe for changes in condition. Legacy Healthcare Careers trains students for a career as a Dallas/Fort Worth nurse aide in 1 week.

Training With a Demand


Employment of nursing assistants is projected to grow faster than average through 2026 per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018). DFW area CNAs work in specialties such as geriatrics, home care, hospice, rehabilitation, acute care and pediatrics. 

Jump-start your legacy Now at legacy healthcare careers!

Call the school at (682)626-5266 or the 24-hour enrollment hotline at (682)313-6404 for an appointment to enroll in our CNA classes. We can set up flexible payment plans with no credit checks and low down payments. 

Explore our nursing assistant classes and certified medication aide training in Fort Worth (Richland Hills). We're located at 7505 Glenview Drive, Suite 1, Richland Hills TX 76180. 

Visit Legacy Healthcare Careers Nurse Aide Training School with CNA programs and medication aide classes encompassing a service area that includes prospective students who reside in Dallas, Arlington, Saginaw, the HEB area, Mid Cities, Haltom City, Northeast Tarrant County and nearby areas. 

Click on the link to the right to check out our very own blog, for additional information and advice on healthcare occupations, the nursing career ladder, and CNA state test tips and advice.

Click below to download a voucher for a $25 discount off the regular tuition/fees. NOTE: discounts, rebates and allowances cannot be combined. Only one discount, rebate or allowance is permitted per student. Discounts will not be applied after a student signs an enrollment agreement.

Call Legacy Now 682.626.5266; 24-hour hotline 682.313.6404

Contact Legacy Healthcare Careers For Any Questions Or Concerns at (682)626-5266!

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Legacy Healthcare Careers LLC has a certificate of approval from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). The nurse aide programs are accredited by the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). Legacy Healthcare Careers has regulation /approval to operate from the Career Schools and Colleges division of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) in Austin, Texas.

Legacy Healthcare Careers Nursing Assistant School

7505 Glenview Drive, Suite 1, Richland Hills TX, 76180

Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA School's convenient Mid-Cities campus is on Glenview Drive near Interstate 820 and Highway 121, southwest of the North East Mall, north of Interstate 30, east of Interstate 35W & west of Interstate 35E.

*TWC = Texas Workforce Commission is our blog and sister website. Visit our blog site for more information! Legacy Healthcare Careers LLC will also be offering a certified medication aide program in the coming months.

Call our office: 682-626-5266 or 24-hr hotline: 682-313-6404

You can be working in healthcare with only 7 days of school!

Please watch this very brief video. You have the power in your hands to turn all your dreams into reality by completing one of our CNA programs or medication aide classes in the Mid-Cities between Fort Worth and Dallas. 

It is time to start enjoying the advantages of a career in healthcare as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Call (682)626-5266 to enroll in one of our CNA classes.

Climb onto the nursing career ladder by becoming a CNA. The friendly instructors at Legacy Healthcare Careers can assist you in jump-starting your legacy today.

We offer Allied healthcare trade school consulting services!

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Visit CNASchoolConsultant.Com, our consulting website for those who want help establishing career schools and/or adding allied healthcare training programs to their existing schools. 

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We deliver affordable consulting to those who want to open their own healthcare /vocational trade school training programs. Reach out us if you need just one service or multiple tasks done.  

What Services Do We Provide?

We do it all. We write the curriculum for CNA school and other allied health training programs. We manage the state applications, generate school catalogs, policies, procedures and so much more!


Becoming a CNA (a.k.a nurse aide / patient care assistant)

How to Become a Nursing Assistant in Texas

Are you seeking an awesome healthcare career that enables you to feel fulfilled by positively impacting others each time you go to work? Would a career in the nursing profession or allied health pique your interests? If you answered at least one of the previous questions with a "yes" response, you might wish to look more closely into coursework that trains you to become a nurse aide or certified medication aide. Legacy Healthcare Careers has medication aide classes and CNA lessons near Fort Worth, Dallas, Haltom City and Saginaw. Positive aspects are associated with a nursing healthcare career such as steady pay and multiple job openings. Moreover, the most appealing facet of becoming a CNA in Texas is that prospective nurse aides do not need a license, high school diploma or GED to secure employment as one.

To become a nurse aide in the state of Texas, you will need to successfully complete a certified nursing assistant (CNA) training program that is approved to operate by two entities known as the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) and the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). A high school diploma or GED is not mandatory to become a CNA in Texas; rather, an 8th-grade level education will be sufficient to get a job. After successfully completing a CNA program, you will need to pass both the written (or oral) and skills portion of the state examination to obtain a certificate as a certified nursing assistant. 

Many options exist to train. Several local community colleges in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex such as Tarrant County College, Hill College, El Centro College and Weatherford College offer programs that train prospective pupils to become CNAs. However, programs at community colleges often take 16 weeks or longer and have stringent admissions requirements. Legacy Healthcare Careers LLC offers affordable CNA classes that are approved by DADS and TWC. Legacy Healthcare Careers utilizes a Texas-approved state curriculum to train students. Most importantly, the fast track training can open the doors to a new, invigorating healthcare career as a nursing assistant in just FOUR WEEKS. Yes, our CNA program is only four weeks long

Because so many CNAs eventually choose to move up the nursing career ladder, the employee turnover rate for nursing assistant job openings is somewhat high. This means that nurse aide jobs are plentiful in the Dallas-Fort Worth employment market. Also, demand for nursing assistants is robust, namely in home care and healthcare facilities that offer long term care, extended care, assisted living, rehabilitative services, hospice, and continuing care to the elderly and aged. Managerial staff at these facilities remain fully aware that a trained, caring CNA contributes heavily to the quality of healthcare they are capable of delivering. Enter the world of medicine and obtain training to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), certified medication aide (CMA) or medication technician!

CNAs deliver basic nursing care to clients, patients and residents under the supervision of licensed doctors and nurses. Typical CNA duties normally include answering call lights, feeding, obtaining vital signs, assisting with mobility (pushing wheelchairs and geri chairs), re-positioning residents in beds, providing incontinent care, helping with toileting, giving showers, getting patients dressed, performing oral care, completing bed baths, preparing rooms for newly admitted patients, and making beds. Even though nurse aides follow the directives of licensed nurses and physicians, the nurse aide is crucial to the healthcare system in the US.

The tuition for some CNA programs may cost up to $3,000 or more. However, the tuition for the CNA program at Legacy Healthcare Careers LLC is much more affordable! In addition, we offer insanely flexible repayment options. Furthermore, you can quite possibly keep your current job while you retrain for your new and exciting healthcare career in the nursing profession. With the dazzling myriad of options at your disposal, getting your jump-start in a career in healthcare has never been more simplified than it is in the present day! So what are you waiting for? Call our office at (682) 626-5266 today to discuss your vast number of options to secure your enrollment. If you're reading this in the middle of the night, call (682)313-6404; this is our 24-hour hotline because we want to hear from you! 

What personal traits, qualities and characteristics should a good nursing assistant have in order to thrive in the burgeoning healthcare industry? Well, the reassuring news is that the nursing profession has plenty of room for entrants with all types of personalities, traits, temperaments, and preferences. A great CNA should display some caring, understanding, compassion, tolerance, empathy, niceness, patience, kindness, and a solid work ethic. The nursing assistant is often the only face a client might see all day, such as in home hospice, private duty nursing, and home health care. A CNA should also be able to deal well with authority figures such as supervisors and managers. CNAs need to get along with patients, family members, coworkers and vendors. 

The nursing assistant can bring an enormous degree of cheer and joy to the patients that they work with on a daily basis  through conversation and companionship. In many instances, it is the CNA who may know the patient and his or her family members more thoroughly than any other member of the healthcare team. In addition, the profound expertise of the nurse aide is appreciated when the time to formulate the patient's plan of care has come. The nurse aide has a vital role as a needed member on the healthcare team, so a career as a CNA can be really refreshing. With job growth projected to spike well into the next decade and CNA schools that offer several flexible day, evening and weekend programs to meet a number of differing busy schedules and personal budgets, the time has never been more optimal to become a certified nursing assistant.

Even though the nursing assistant does not render medical decisions or diagnose any diseases or afflictions, they are absolutely fundamental to the overall quality of care that patients receive. When an injured patient requires assistance with getting dressed for the day, it is the nursing assistant that rises to the occasion to provide the much needed help. When a resident or client needs some assistance at meal time, it is the nursing assistants who are there to deliver the care. When a patient needs to be re-positioned in bed for comfort or to prevent the formation of bed sores, it is the nursing assistants who are the ones that offer comfort and personal attention in the patient's time of need.

By delivering the essential basics of nursing care and assisting with all sorts of activities of daily living, the certified nursing assistant ensures that any stay at a hospital, skilled nursing facility, group home or rehabilitation center is personable, comforting, pleasurable, and memorable for its positive attributes. The crucial role of a CNA is entrusted with the delivery of enhanced direct patient care. Likewise, the role of the CNA frequently serves as a basic springboard into other careers in the healthcare industry, nursing profession and medical field. The entry level nurse aide role can result in a number of fabulous opportunities along the career ladder. The entry level nurse aide role also enables entrants to quickly enter the nursing profession without a completing massive amount of schooling or spending a huge amount of tuition dollars.

Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA School - Office Line: (682)626-5266, 24-Hour Hotline (682)313-6404

Legacy Healthcare Careers is a school that offers affordable CNA classes in a service area that includes residents who reside in Fort Worth, Haslet, Saginaw, Grapevine, Haltom City, North Richland Hills, Watauga, Coppell, Keller, Crowley, Hurst, Burleson, Bedford, Everman, Euless, Forest Hill, Arlington, Lake Worth, Azle, Kennedale, Irving, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Midlothian, White Settlement, Meadowbrook, Benbrook, River Oaks, Roanoke, Dallas and surrounding areas.

Legacy Healthcare Careers CNA school offers a Mid-Cities location in the middle of the DFW Metroplex that is convenient to prospective students who live in Dallas, Fort Worth, the HEB area, and surrounding cities, towns and suburbs. Our tuition for the two week CNA program is affordable, competitive and a great deal. We offer day and evening courses to conveniently fit into your busy schedule.

A nursing assistant is also known by a variety of other titles including patient care assistant, nurses aide, orderly, and direct care staff member. Graduation from a CNA program would be a valuable investment in your future that will reap the rewards for many years to come. Jump-start your legacy today at Legacy Healthcare Careers LLC! In addition, you can visit our information-filled blog: for articles, posts and further information.

1. Legacy Healthcare Careers has a certificate of approval from TWC.

2. The nurse aide training program is approved to operate by TWC.

3. Pupils can address concerns about the school or its program by following the grievance process in the school catalog.

4. Pupils unsatisfied with the school's response to their concerns or unable to file a complaint at the school can file a complaint with TWC and other agencies.

5. Information on filing a TWC complaint can be found on TWC's Career Schools & Colleges site: 

nursing career ladder: overview of CNA, LPN/LVN and RN ROLes

Additional Information About The Nursing Career Ladder in the United States

The certified nursing assistant (CNA) is an important healthcare worker who provides basic nursing care to patients, residents and clients. Fundamentally, the CNA is overseen by licensed nurses and helps patients with care tasks such as dressing, showering, feeding, bathing, toileting, obtaining vital signs, and reporting changes in condition. the nursing assistant is the ultimate backbone of almost any hospital, healthcare center or nursing facility.  Nursing assistants, also known as nurses' aides and patient care assistants, provide direct patient care. Legacy Healthcare Careers LLC offers training to prepare pupils for a career as a Dallas/Fort Worth nurse aide in four weeks. Even though the CNA fulfills a vital role, many people decide to use a CNA career as a springboard into other nursing positions such as LPN, LVN, RN and advanced practice nursing (APN).

A licensed practical nurse, or LPN, is a nurse who provides basic nursing care. Basic nurses in the states of California and Texas are known as licensed vocational nurses, or LVNs. The LPN and the LVN are one and the same type of nurse. At times, LPNs have been referred to as the eyes and ears for the RNs and doctors. LPNs tend to spend more hands-on time delivering direct care to patients than both RNs and doctors. LPNs deliver direct nursing care that usually includes important tasks such as medication administration, vital sign collection, wound care, documentation, supervision of nurses aides, reporting changes in patient status, and providing catheter care. The very first step to become an LPN entails successful completion of a state approved practical nursing program, which customarily takes about one year to 18 months to finish. The practical nursing program graduate needs to also pass a licensing exam to obtain state licensure as an LPN. 

A registered nurse, or RN, is a multifaceted professional nurse who provides direct and indirect nursing care. During the provision of direct patient care, RNs observe, assess and document objective signs and subjective symptoms. RNs note other findings such as reactions and progress, which furnishes the foundation for the planning of patient care, interventions, and evaluation of the patient care being delivered. RNs formulate and revise nursing care plans, provide teaching and education to patients and their families in appropriate care techniques, and assist individuals, groups and populations to enhance or maintain their health statuses. Professional registered nursing practice necessitates a notably vast fund of knowledge to engage in competent assessment, planning and  intervention to promote health, prevent illnesses and assist patients in the management of their disease processes. Even though state laws dictate nursing's scope of practice, it is typically the unique needs of that day's patient load that will determine the RN's duties.

An advanced practice nurse, or APN, is a registered nurse with additional education and training above and beyond the customary RN role. According to the American Nurses Association (2018), APNs include nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, and nurse midwives, and all types of APNs have an integral role in the future of the entire healthcare system. APNs regularly serve as the patient's primary care provider and remain at the helm of delivering preventative care modalities to the public as a whole. APNs treat and diagnose disease processes, offer advice to the public on health issues, manage chronic disease processes, and engage in continuous education to stay abreast of any technical, methodological, or other emerging changes in the nursing profession. APNs have all earned a minimum of a master’s degree, in addition to the initial nursing education and licensing required for all RNs. Some APNs are educated at the doctoral degree level (PhD or DNP). The DNP degree is a doctor of nursing practice degree.

Call Legacy Healthcare Careers to hop aboard this exciting nursing career ladder. Our office number is 682-626-5266 and our 24-hour hotline is 682-313-6404, or visit our blog at for informative pearls of wisdom.


Payment Section: Make Payments Online

Online Payment Section: Make an Online Payment With a Credit Card

Current students who would like to submit a payment per the terms of a prearranged payment plan for CNA classes or medication aide classes can visit our sister website by clicking on the link that appears below.